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Easy to remember. Short. is now available as domain for shortlinks. Select it in the settings.

Create short links for free to share on social media or in mails.

Need a custom link? We've got you covered! Your link should expire after some days? Check the settings!

What are shortlinks?

Shortlinks are redirections to other links. If you have a long URL, paste it in and you'll receive another link that, if you open it, sends you to the long URL.
This is useful if you need a link that is short, easy to remember, or you can use the settings we provide to customize your link.

What is a referrer?

If you click on a link on a website, the target website can read the domain from the website you came from, because your browser sends a referrer to the new website.
When you enable "Remove referrer" while creating the shortlink, we change the referrer before redirecting. Please note, the redirection will take a bit longer.